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Investing in Real Estate

Owning real estate is an investment that can be done in a multitude of ways. Done strategically, and with the right agent, these enterprises can be both gratifying and advantageous. Whether you’re planning to use your property to generate rental income, flipping a property to sell or perhaps taking a more passive approach to your investment, it’s important to have an agent who understands your goals and unique needs.

Here's What I Can Offer You


As an investor, you want to buy a house for as little as possible and sell for as high as possible.  You are looking at location, a variety of costs, timelines and vendors.   To have a thorough understanding of the subject property and the cost to make it what you want will require inspections, quotes and vendor availability. During the inspection period, I highly suggest having as many contractor estimates and inspections as needed to know exactly what you are purchasing. With your expertise running numbers and my competence ensuring a smooth transaction, we will close on your ideal house to flip.

Long-Term Hold

Your goal is to find renters to make this house a cash cow. This can be accomplished through short term vacation rentals or tenants who rent for years on end. Each of the routes may require different search criteria and I have experience finding investment properties for both types of investors. You run the numbers once we find the house while I conduct a seamless experience. Please rely on me to inform you of what type of community, location and house will maximize your passive income.

Multi-Family Dwellings

When purchasing a multi-family dwelling, gathering information is key.  Investors typically have a core group of items that are the most concerning and prefer answers to these questions to make an informed decision. Armed with what information to extract from the other side, I can begin collecting data.  Once the information obtained can fill in the blanks, you will be able to see from your calculations if the subject property is the right fit.  Since not every seller will have the information that you’re looking for upfront, this means having flexibility while maintaining the commitment to your goal as we search for your perfect investment.

A Promise to You

I am committed to you until you have keys in hand. There is a cohesive connection between myself, my transaction coordinator, the title company, and the lender. We all work together for a seamless experience and for a successful close.  You should feel comfortable, confident and know that you are in the right hands so that you can focus on your fresh start and begin making memories. 

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