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All About You

Let’s face it, shopping for a new home is big deal and for some, it can be a very stressful undertaking. Considering that the purchase of a new home is often the single biggest financial transaction that one makes in their lifetime, it’s no surprise that this process is often an overwhelming venture. Whether you’re a first-time or seasoned buyer, the process does not have to be as stressful as it may seem.

As an Arizona native and a specialist in residential and commercial real estate in the Valley for over 10 years, I leverage my experience, network, knowledge of the local market and commitment to my clients to find your ideal home. I will guide you through every step of the buying process by keeping you informed and educated of the buying plan so that you feel confident. My biggest job is to listen and understand what matters to you most. It’s likely that throughout this endeavor you will change your mind regarding the elements of your future home. My intuitive business acumen combined with my professional expertise will help you to comfortably adjust your criteria but never compromise on quality and the satisfaction of choosing your perfect home.

Here's What I Can Offer You

A Trusted Advisor & Transparency

In addition to being your real estate agent, consider me your advocate. To ensure you close on your perfect home means that we always maintain full disclosure. A trustworthy agent is not afraid to tell you why you should, or in some cases shouldn’t, purchase a particular house. While a seller has legal obligation to disclose pertinent information about the property, some things aren’t disclosed. Our transparent relationship means that I will advise you on things not immediately obvious that may prove to be an issue later. For example, informing you of signs of past water damage or considering an older pool pump that works now but likely needs replacing soon.  I will do my best to be your resource for guidance. 

Navigating Proof of Funds

Whether it’s a pre-qualification that estimates what you might be able to borrow or a pre-approval which approves a specific amount, your lender will identify the right fit for your needs. Further, this will help us to set your price range and allow us to make the strongest offer possible when you’re ready. If you haven’t decided on a trusted lender, I can offer you my recommendations and support you through this step. For example, if you’re more concerned about your monthly payment versus the total purchase price, I will help you work with the lender, so they know to keep your specific goals in mind. If you are purchasing your new home with cash, be prepared to provide a bank statement showing the amount in your account(s) totaling the offer price. This shows the seller that you are in a financial position to purchase the house.

A Customized Home Search

With so many options to choose from, it’s important that we don’t waste time looking into properties that don’t fit your needs and expectations. You will be set up on a customized MLS search that will alert you as properties that meet your parameters become available. Further, I’m available for you to contact regarding any properties you come across that may not be listed. This means, less missed opportunities from third- party websites with expired listings. 

A Solid Offer

To ensure you buy your ideal house in the right location and for the best price, we will leverage my strong negotiating skillset and offer a solution-based approach to ensure you are accepted. There are often several ways to overcome most issues that arise, depending on the nature of the transaction. Keep in mind, whether you are obtaining a loan or buying with cash, every offer we submit must be accompanied by a prequal letter or bank statement(s).  Whatever your specific needs, I’m committed to executing a smooth transaction and overcoming any hidden surprises.

A Promise to You

I am committed to you until you have keys in hand. There is a cohesive connection between myself, my transaction coordinator, the title company, and the lender. We all work together for a seamless experience and for a successful close.  You should feel comfortable, confident and know that you are in the right hands so that you can focus on your fresh start and begin making memories. 

Lauren M House