Lauren House

Real Estate Agent

I’m an Arizona native

I was born and raised in Paradise Valley. I’m happy to call Arizona my home and proud to assist in making it home for so many others. I offer expertise of the Valley and its surrounding areas but it’s having experienced life outside of Arizona that makes working with me unique. Who better to help you find your home in this beautiful state than someone whose experienced what life has to offer outside of it?

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy. During that time, I lived the European dream and took advantage of visiting many countries, all so closely accessible. After a year, I reluctantly returned home to finish my studies at Arizona State University and soon thereafter began my career in commercial real estate. I began as an assistant to a well-known commercial real estate agent learning the tricks of the industrial trade.

Gone was the renaissance architecture I’d grown to admire and, in its place, loading docks, bays and warehouse spaces. It was quite the adjustment, but it helped me to expand my real estate knowledge and understand architecture beyond its visual appeal and for its utility. Unable to settle down in Arizona just yet, my adventurous spirit led me to Manhattan Beach, California.


Still in the process of getting my California real estate license, I took on a position as a world-wide event planner. Across Melbourne, Singapore, New York, London and many more, I planned events all over the world. It was exhilarating but I never took my eyes off the prize and successfully obtained my license to practice real estate in California.

Having made the switch to residential real estate in a new city, it wasn’t an easy start. Determined to make it, I took the typical grassroots real estate approach of knocking on doors, holding boundless open houses and cold calling never-ending lists of strangers.

Eventually, I learned to expand my reach in ways not directly linked to real estate like hosting booths at trade shows, teaching yoga or even just sparking up a conversation with a stranger. Anything to expose me to people who I could continue to help and could potentially grow my business was something I was interested in. 

Despite my penchant for real estate, yoga was my first love. After returning from Italy a changed person, I established my routine with Yoga and it became my ritual seven days a week. Fast forward to living in Manhattan Beach, I found myself amongst the most elite teachers in all of Los Angeles. While I never intended to become an instructor, I longed to deepen and further expand my knowledge of the ancient practice. Inspired, I decided to start teaching. As I found my groove as a teacher, the feeling of helping my students with their mental and physical being reinforced how much I love to contribute to people’s lives in a positive way. Thankfully I can achieve that through yoga and real estate.

Since moving back to Scottsdale

I’ve had to rebuild my business, yet again, but this time with knowledge and experience that I didn’t have before. Still taking the simple approach of getting in front of people, I’ve learned to market myself in ways that not only help my business but also my community. My volunteer work with Pueblo Elementary School and The Arizona Animal Welfare League has offered me new opportunities to help others and build business while also feeding my soul.

Although my life’s adventures may not seem like the most direct path to a successful real estate career, its these experiences that ultimately led me here. When my three career choices came full-circle I realized that my passion is, without a doubt, real estate. All my experiences have prepared me for this lifelong endeavor to be a well-rounded real estate agent. As an assistant to a real estate executive, I recognize the importance of marketing and relationships. As a world-wide event planner, I understand the power of communication, coordination and the influence of proper staging. As a yoga instructor, I’m a leader and have patience and appreciation for all my clients. I’ve learned that it’s a privilege to visit other parts of the world and feed your sense of adventure and exploration, but in the end, there’s no place like home and I look forward to helping you find yours.

– Lauren

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